Monday, 12 November 2018

John Smith & Co - a Sunday night treat!

Just want to say a very big

 to those lovely  
Dart Gig Promotions 
chaps - Peter and Jonathan...


They brought us a real and most unexpected Sunday night treat last night with a memorable performance from
who has built a reputation as one of the UK’s finest guitarists and songwriters.

The auditorium was virtually packed, the atmosphere was buzzing, and a happy throng of people were first entertained by singer-songwriter Maz O'Connor. 

Maz O'Connor

Maz was a sheer delight with her pure, clear voice and enchanting songs. 

She was warm, funny and very talented... I particularly loved 'Should Have Loved Me Better' - so very poignant and moving.

 And then came a stunning performance from John Smith, joined by Belfast friends and fine musicians and backing singers Joseph and John McGurgan 

John has been described by folk legend John Renbourn as one of the UK's finest guitarists and songwriters, hailed  as 'the future of folk music' - and after last night's performance it's not hard to see why.

Never having heard John sing and play before, I found him mesmerising from the start! With his fantastic voice and style very reminiscent of the late, great John Martyn, he had me transfixed for the whole performance and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single song. He was also friendly and warm with a great stage presence - and coupled with the beautiful harmonies from support Joe (double bass) and John (guitar), it really was for me a night to remember.

We were very lucky indeed to have John and the boys, and of course Maz, at the Flavel as part of their tour - so well done DGP boys for booking them. What a coup!

It was the last DGP gig of the season and after last night's performance they've left us all eager for more - and they tell us they have lots of folky treats in store for us next year...

In fact, I have it on good authority that they have already booked some amazing acts for 2019 and tickets are selling already, so make sure you don't miss out!


Yes, none other than the very popular Flook, who after announcing that they were taking a prolonged pause from live performance at the end of 2008, are now back together due to overwhelming popular demand, and are playing some carefully selected concerts around Europe and further afield. Catch these rare shows while you can! 

BBC award winning duo Philip Henry and Hannah Martin,

Their performances never fail to delight and excite - ranging from the traditional musics of the British Isles, to Indian classical slide guitar, to the stomping roots party of Phil's beatbox harmonica... and much more.

As always many thanks to Jonathan and Peter of Dart Gig Promotions and all at the Flavel for another Magical and Magnificent Music Night Out.

Performers' Info: 

Maz O'Connor:
Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin:

Monday, 5 November 2018

Great fun at the Quiz

Just want to say a very big thank you for the Flavel Fundraising Quiz last night. 

It was a nice thing to do on a rainy Sunday evening and really good fun - such a lovely friendly community event and great to see the auditorium packed with people laughing and generally enjoying themselves.

Big thanks to Rose and Steve Williams who worked so hard compiling all the questions, organising and running the evening...

 ..They got it just right as it wasn't too serious - but it wasn't too easy either so it really made us get our thinking caps on and get the old grey matter working. 

Our team of Happy Quizzers didn't win, but we didn't do too badly - and anyway it really WAS a case of 'It's not the winning, it's the taking part,' as we all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with the added bonus of knowing we were helping to raise funds for our Fantastic Flavel.

Many thanks to the Flavel for this very successful event - I hope you'll be doing it again some time.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Those Stones Just Keep Rollin' On...

We had the pleasure of watching Rolling Stones' film Havana Moon on the big screen last Friday, and what an amazing concert that was!

We really enjoyed the interview with 'The Boys' beforehand, with Charlie looking his usual laid back self, Ronnie being Mr Cool, Keith's ever smiley face and inimitable way of talking - and of course that normally shy and retiring Mr Jagger, who was encouraged to say a few words! 

Havana Moon, directed by Paul Dugdale, was filmed on 25th March 2016 in Havana, Cuba - the recording of a free outdoor concert put on by the band at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana sports complex.

It was the first time ever in their fifty year career that the Stones had played at Cuba, and in fact this amazing concert marked the first time a rock band had performed in Cuba to such a large crowd - an estimated 500,000 concert-goers. 

There were some fantastic shots throughout the film of this huge gathering of happy and joyful people - dancing, cheering, singing along and just having a great time. You just could not help being infected by their enthusiasm - which was what, for us, made this film so hugely enjoyable.

The performance from 'The Boys' was incredible- so much energy, we really don't know how they keep on doing what they're doing so well!  And for so long...

Nobody can strut their stuff quite like Mick, and the music from Keith, Ronnie and Charlie was, we felt, nothing short of astounding. 
Boy, do those fellas know how to sing, play, and entertain a crowd! 

   To say the crowd went wild was an understatement - they just loved them!

Sasha Allen, their backing singer, was also brilliant with a tremendous voice and stage presence.

We just have to listen to her and Mick singing 'Gimme Shelter' and it brings it all back! Just fabulous...

...Turned out it was catching, as we walked out of the Flavel at the film's end with such a feel-good factor, and full of  fondness for a band we have loved since the early sixties, that we just had to rush home and play "Gimme Shelter" as loud as common decency to our neighbours would allow!

Here's a link to the film trailer to give you a taster:

Once again - another great musical evening at the Flavel. Thank you so much to all involved - please keep it coming!

 (PSST... Next musical treat? 
Black Sabbath - the End of the End on November 2nd. 
See you there..??)

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Who - Woo Hoooo..!

Once again we had a most enjoyable Music Night with 'The Who - Live in Hyde Park' film on Friday night.

  Loved the way the excellent performances were interspersed with some great interviews with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend...

...they don't seem to have changed a bit - in fact Roger's voice was just as fabulous and Pete's playing just as brilliant as it was back in the day. 

Very sad that Moon the Loon and John Entwistle couldn't be there for this 50th anniversary celebration concert, but I have to say that I thought Zak Starkey's drumming was absolutely fantastic...  

Personally I couldn't keep still throughout all of the songs which I know and love so well, and I just loved it that the audience clapped after each performance!

Once again a great atmosphere and a hugely feel-good film for us - thanks as always to Sam and all the lovely Flavel staff for another great night out (and the Malbec was very nice too - thank you Sally...)


The added bonus was that after watching the film trailers, we're now very much looking forward to 'The Rolling Stones - Havana Moon' - so that's our Music Night sorted for 26th October!

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Guest Blogger Valeria D

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Bird on a Wire, and - Who..?

I just want to say a very big thank you to Flavel Sam for organising a very interesting introduction to this Leonard Cohen film from celebrated British Film-maker and Director Tony Palmer.

'Bird on a Wire' follows the iconic poet/singer/songwriter Cohen on his 1972 European tour. Long lost 16mm prints were restored for this release, not seen since 1972.

My friends and I really enjoyed this musical documentary film last Friday - much enhanced by the informative talk beforehand - and it was great to see an almost full auditorium so I guess I wasn't the only one!

Now looking forward to seeing 'The Who - Live in Hyde Park' next Friday 5th October, and tickets are only a fiver - incredible! 

The music just goes on and on - isn't it brilliant?  Thank you Sam and all at the Flavel for another great evening.

More Info for The Who in Hyde Park:

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Guest Blogger Valeria D

Monday, 17 September 2018

Fabulous Folk From Leveret

A big thank you to Peter and Jonathan of  Dart Gig Promotions for their latest 'Folk at the Flavel' concert last Saturday.

Leveret, comprised of acclaimed British folk musicians Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron, entertained us with their great performance of fine fiddling, marvellous melodian magic and - er - cracking concertina-ing. (Sorry chaps)

Not only are they all extremely accomplished musicians but they're really nice guys too. We really enjoyed their wit and fun - not to mention the music! - and hope to welcome them back to Dartmouth again soon.

Thanks to Leveret and all involved all in for a most enjoyable evening. Please keep up the good work, DGP...


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The Flavel:

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Guest Blogger Valeria D

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Dart Gig Promotions have done it again...!

 Once again, those lovely fellas Peter and Jonathan from Dart Gig Promotions have managed to organise another one of their Fantastic Folk Gigs - this time the much acclaimed folk band Leveret - to entertain us at the Flavel this coming Saturday.

How do they do it? They just seem to have a knack for searching out an eclectic mix of  'Folk Royalty' and enticing them to come and delight us with their extraordinary talents - how lucky are we??

To learn a little bit more about Leveret members Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron please read on...

Melodeon genius Andy Cutting, a three-time BBC Folk Awards Best Musician, is a compelling solo performer and currently works with Blowzabella, Topette, June Tabor, and Roger Daltry. 

Photo by Elly Lucas
 Fiddler Sam Sweeney was the 2015 BBC Folk Awards Musician of the Year. 

He directs the National Youth Folk Ensemble and is known for his work in Bellowhead, Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, The Full English and his own 'Made In The Great War' project.  

Photo by Elly Lucas

 Concertina wizard Rob Harbron leads the English Acoustic Collective summer school and is known for his work with The Full English (Best Group and Best Album BBC Folk Awards 2014), Emma Reid, Fay Hield, Jon Boden and others. 

Saturday's performance from Leveret looks set to be a real treat for us, if some of their reviews are anything to go by - just take a look at a small selection from their website:

“This trio of fantastic English musicians is so exuberant in their dance energy and understated in the beauty of their interwoven harmonies. Witnessing the subtlety of their musical interaction on stage was like a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended! ” - Natalie Haas

 “Classy players … their intuitive way with tunes is glorious” - Mojo

“Three of England's finest traditional players weaving exquisite tapestries out of old and new tunes. Just sublime. I can't recommend seeing them live enough. ” - Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3

"You won't find English folk music played better than this.” - R2

Anyway, it's time for me to stop 'Rabbiting' on now so why don't you 'Hare' on down to the Flavel and secure your Leveret tickets without delay? 
You won't be 'Happy Bunnies' if you miss out - 'Hop' to see you there... (Sorry!)



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